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Why are galvanized fences used nowadays?

by Shawn

Galvanized steel fences are used for safety purposes. It can be installed around houses, offices and commercial buildings for privacy and to draw barriers. The galvanized fence panels are generally made up of steel. The material for the construction of a fence is of great importance. If the material used is not durable, it may get cracked, rotted, or spitted and ultimately fall apart. So the material used for fencing purposes should be stable and last for years as it is necessary for safety purposes.

Types of fences:

There are different types of fencing. The types are based on the material of construction. The most commonly used are given as follows;

  • Vinyl has unmatched durability. It is resistant to rusting and cracking even when exposed to extreme temperatures and moisture. Most people use vinyl fencing in regions where there are extreme weather conditions throughout the year. There are multiple colors available in this type of fencing. This characteristic makes it more attractive. These fences are more durable as compared to others. It is also quite an expensive fence.
  • Wrought iron is a strong fencing material. It does not break even if extreme forces are applied to it. It is mainly used for security purposes as the material is so strong that it is difficult to break.
  • Galvanized fences have a zinc coating, which protects the fence from rusting and corrosion. These are used around towns. Usually, these fences are silver in color. These are slightly less durable and do not provide a variety of colors. These are available at fewer prices.

How can rusting be prevented?

There are four simple methods by which rusting can be prevented. All of these solutions are given below;

The first method is galvanizing. In this method, Iron metal is coated with zinc. The second method is called Enameling. In this method, silicates are baked over the iron surface at high temperatures. The third method is coating paint with lead oxide over the surface, which can be corroded. The last method is about oiling and greasing the surface of iron, which does not allow the air to bond with the iron surface.

Comparison of Steel Galvanized fences with other fences:

Usually, there are three types of fences. One is timber fences. The second is concrete, and the last and latest are known as Galvanized fences. Timber fences are made up of wood and are durable for a time period of five to ten years. Timber fences can be broken down if strong winds come in their way.

Moreover, after ten years, there is ultimately a need to change it. As far as concrete fences are concerned, these are more durable than timber fences, but concrete barriers last up to a maximum of twenty years. It is also not durable where the weather conditions are extreme. Strong can damage these fences badly. But, coming to Steel Galvanized fences or metal fences, the durability is up to 25 years. It can survive in extreme weather conditions. These are a little; more expensive than others but make a man mentally comfortable after their installation.

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