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What Are Different Types of Garage Doors?

by Shawn

Doors specially designed to cover and secure the wide garage area are known as garage doors. Unlike other doors, garage doors are designed to move in the minimum area because they are only sometimes a large space to open these doors.

To reduce the space requirements of these doors, many companies like bestar and amarr garage door introduced various types of these doors. These types vary in their opening and closing mechanism and are divided into different categories based on their material and other factors.

However, most people are known for their types based on the opening and closing methods because that’s the most important thing to know.

So, below is a list of the most common garage door types that a garage door buyer must know!

Roll Up Garage Doors

This is the most common garage door type. These doors are usually made up of two panels that roll up towards the ceiling and down when you want. Roll-up doors are most easier and most convenient garage doors that require just one to two inches of opening space toward the ceiling with all the setup attached to sidewalls and ceiling.

Because of their simple design, durability, affordability, effectiveness, and reduced maintenance, this type is usually the first choice in commercial garages and now in residential ones too.

Sliding Garage Doors

This is another common garage type with rolling or sliding styles. These sliding doors are space-saving and easy to use and install. The doors are available in different designs and sizes and the with all installation services by the company.

Unlike roll-up doors, these sliding doors usually open on their track just like a train moves on a track. Rolling doors have no hinges. Instead, their weight hangs down from above like a pendulum as it moves along its track when open or closed.

Side Hinged Garage Doors

These doors are usually stationary with the hinged at one side. These doors are made up of a single panel that swings up and down, allowing you to open them from either side. They’re also easy to install; remove the old ones, hang your new ones on their tracks, and close them up! This oldest style indoors is still popular because it requires no maintenance and costly repair cost and lasts for years.

Sectional Garage Doors

Sectional garage doors consist of two or more panels hinged together at the top and bottom, allowing them to open in sections. These are typically used for garages with a large amount of storage space. Panel and track are two common styles in these doors.

  • A panel-style sectional has only one door that leads into your garage; it doesn’t have any tracks above it except for those that attach directly to the wall itself.
  • Track-style sectionals have more than one door leading into your garage and tracks running along both sides. This makes it easier to load things inside while also ensuring they don’t get stuck when they try opening up all those panels at once.


All these types of garage doors are made of steel, wood, and aluminum, with some exceptions. When buying a garage door, it’s important to know about these four types, as your ideal door must be one of them. There are a few other rare types with different requirements.

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