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Top 7 Uses of Halligan Tool

by Shawn

In today’s world, we have a wide range of technological advancements that have put several great equipment and tools at our service. We use these tools, such as a drill, to perform activities in our daily lives.

However, tools that aid in performing tasks have been around for the longest time and are nothing new. They have evolved to become more sophisticated, but ancient people used to carve out their own tools too to help them perform complex tasks.

One such tool developed in 1948 by the Fire Department chief in New York is the halligan tool or the Halligan bar. It was named after the chief of fire, Hugh Halligan. It was used for various tasks by the Fire Department, but it was not in the exact shape it is today.

Over time, as technologies evolved and people found ways to improve tools, the Halligan tool also evolved to become a better version of it used today. Keep reading to know about some of the top uses for a Halligan tool.

7 Ways to Use Halligan Tool

#1- Break Open the Door

One of the top and main uses for a Halligan tool is its use as a tool to break open a door that won’t open. Just like a hammer, the flat side of the Halligan tool is used to open the door that is jammed or won’t open for some other reason.

#2- Used As a Stepping Material

Another common use of the Halligan tool is using it as a stepping material. You can place the tool at an angle between the ground and a building and then use it as a stepping item to climb over the window sill.

#3- Break the Glass of the Windows

The Halligan tool is also used to break away the glass of the windows and other glass. It is not used just to smash the windows as we do with a brick. Rather, the Halligan tool uses a clever technique to break the class carefully and then remove it. This careful removal of glass is done to prevent injuries from happening while climbing in through the window.

#4- As a Wedge

The above three mentioned uses take the help of the flat side of the Halligan tool, but the next few uses ensure the fork side of the Halligan tool can accomplish certain tasks in the fire world and otherwise.

The Halligan tool can be used as a wedge between the door and the window frames to break them and forcefully open them to enter the place or for the purpose of ventilation.

#5- A Forked Lever

You can use the forked head as a lever for several tasks. You can use the lever to break open the hood of the car in case of a fire. You can also put the fork into a padlock hinge, twist it, and then break it open.

This lever can also be put on the bottom of the ladder as a support to keep it from falling while you are working on it.

#6- Pushing Up Floorboards

The awl is the pointed head of the Halligan tool. It can be used to push up a floorboard so the fire beneath it can be exposed and taken care of.

#7- Prying Up Crevices

The awl side of the Halligan tool can be inserted in about any crevice, which can then be pried open due to the pointy head of the tool. The awl can also be used as a foothold on the roof.


The Halligan tool is essential equipment for firefighters and other emergency responders. It is a symbol of strength and courage for firefighters. It can be used to pry open doors, break windows, and perform a variety of other tasks. In addition to its practical applications, the Halligan tool can also be used as a weapon in self-defense situations.

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